Asigra, with more than 550,000 installation sites round the world, has announced the release of its latest version, Asigra V12. The company brings to the table 26 years of enterprise class cloud backup and recovery experience. It is recognized in the cloud backup industry for its 100% channel focused Hybrid partner program.

Asigra V12 is versatile. Asigra V12 has been designed for the enterprises that have adopted multi-point products over time and are grappling with complexity arising from siloed working and multiple data stores. The NIST FIPS 140-2 certified application interface is hardware and application agnostic. Backup copies of virtual or physical machines can be maintained within the VMware environment and these copies can be instantly accessed and activated. Copies of the information can be transferred to remote offsite data centers or restored to a warm spare at a geographically distant location. The Internet can be used as a business continuity network alternative while the primary site recovery is orchestrated and managed in the background.

Asigra V12 holds out hope to Enterprises that migrated to proprietary clouds based applications early in the cloud era such as for their CRM needs. The enterprises that now find themselves stuck with CRM databases that cannot be migrated / backed up can turn to Asigra for their backup and recovery needs. Asigra allows such proprietary platforms—specifically–to be included in Asigra V12 backup and recovery system without any additional licensing requirements. Schema and data from can be backed up or restored at different points in time in accordance with the needs of the organization. Data backed up into the Asigra V12 system can also be restored to the database.

Endpoint device support is one of the highlights of Asigra V12. The solution provides extended backup support to non-rooted Android devices, laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. Call logs, settings, applications, calendar, alarm clock, bookmarks, music, video and photos can be backed up from a variety of devices over the Internet, as per pre-defined schedule or point in time manual invocation.

Snapshot technology has assumed new meanings with Asigra V12. The snapshot manager functionality has been included and the capability of capturing hardware snapshots has been included and made independent of the storage hardware platform. MSPs can promote their business by selling the potential of the single data management interface developed by Asigra.

The release of Asigra V12 heralds a new era in cloud computing.

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