Asigra v12 offers new snapshot capabilities without demanding any kind of additional investment in hardware or storage expansion. Big data can be protected using storage snapshots from within the snapshot manager interface that has been newly integrated into the Asigra application software. Administrators can now catalog, configure and manage snapshots just like they have been managing all other kinds of data backup and recovery systems in the Asigra cloud.

Snapshots can be defined simply as a frozen point in time photograph of the information stored in a database or a hard drive. The snapshot image can be configured to include the full directory structure of the hard disk along with all files and folders or just the files and folders without the directory structure or any schemas. Many backup and recovery systems use snapshot technology to backup and maintain copies of system information or large volumes of business data generated at points in time. Snapshots can be set to be taken at specified intervals of time and stored with time stamps and other unique identifiers to ensure that one copy of the image of the database or hard drive is available for restoration purposes. Individual files and folders can be restored to source or to a new destination from within a snapshot without having to restore the entire snapshot.

Asigra understands the power of snapshot technology and is eager to build the capabilities of their software with just the right features and bring business value to their customers. Asigra v12 develops upon the snapshot capabilities that had been integrated into version 11 of the software. The software now has the capacity to take quick snapshots of hardware settings and storing them in cloud backup repositories independent of the underlying hardware. Large data sets are effectively and instantly transmitted to the cloud backup repository over the internet using up very little bandwidth. Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) can be aggressively pursued for even large volumes of data.

Asigra favors a single window management interface—“a single pane of glass view” of all data and snapshots. The snapshot manager application has been integrated into the existing Asigra Management interface. The management dashboard facilitates efficient, creation, modification, deletion and management of snapshots stored in the cloud backup and recovery customer account.

Asigra’s partners, that offer Managed Service Providers, are excited about this offering as it is unique and very attractive to customers who are looking for just this capability before signing up for an account. Partners anticipate a quantum growth in their business as a result of this development.

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