“Globalization of business” is clichéd. It is fait accompli that small and medium businesses can confidently aspire to a global presence powered by cloud based services such as Asigra. Local brands can now be sold in wider markets with minimal efforts or costs! It is now a reality that the Internet and the Cloud have revolutionalized thinking. Managers are enthusiastically “thinking global” and strategizing accordingly.

At the core of the “global business ecosystems” that are emerging, is the need to realize the business value of information. Cloud Platform Developers like Asigra become keystone players in the information backup and recovery market and enable value creation by sharing and promoting the “value” of business information by sharing the “value” of the platform they have created.

The end to end Asigra enterprise platform consolidates all backup processes and permits restoration of data instantaneously to any system, anywhere in the world—bare metal, continuous or incremental. Servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices can be connected seamlessly as the system is vendor/hardware agnostic and agentless. Grids and failovers perform smoothly and public, private or hybrid implementations are wholly feasible.

“Business value” created, is further enhanced as costs are moderated by economies of scale that are consciously and deliberately built up for “utility” based provisioning of services. Further performance standards are user determined and customization options allow enterprise policies and procedures to be integrated into the ecosystem for implementation of enterprise specific definitions of the platform.

Businesses see value in Asigra’s agentless cloud platform. Apart from the fact that more than 400,000 sites worldwide are powered by Asigra, it is reassuring that the company demonstrates a wealth of experience it has gathered in the last 26 years of its existence in anticipating and catering to the business needs of its customers. The Asigra platform, provisions for a stable and predictable set of common assets and simplifies the complex task of connecting network participants—irrespective of wherever they are located–securely and authoritatively. It synchronizes the flow of information across the enterprise setting standards for high availability, reliability and scalability of its architecture. At the granular level, it ensures connectivity of the network participants without mandating the installation of agents on each node and by deploying services, tools and technologies that are accessible across the globe.