Technology changes the way people work. The wheel eased work. The discovery of electricity made the industrial revolution a reality. “Utility” computing or Cloud computing is now transforming the world of business! It is driving businesses to innovate and reinvent themselves!

Businesses are redefining their processes to align them with Cloud computing.  Existing hardware is linked up with the Cloud backup system to ensure that databases are centralized to the remote Cloud server and data life cycle management, user management and other administrative services are centralized on a single console for ease of management. As a result, hardware use is optimized and policies and procedures of the organization are being formalized, implemented and strictly implemented. IT resources can be scaled up or scaled down on demand at a nominal cost. Peak loads can be handled without any brouhaha that normally surrounds the process and scaled up hardware requirements can be retired, when they are no longer required, without any kind of capital loss to the organization.

Cloud backup services keep step with the expansion strategies of the organization. Organizations are taking advantage of the Cloud backup services to become more dynamic, organic and flexible. They realize that remote branches of the enterprise can be connected to the primary database in the Cloud and mobile workers can retain communication with the parent organization from wherever they are. Organizational expansion into global markets becomes possible as newer branches can be set up in remote countries and business processes can be monitored from the headquarters using web based data driven applications and services.

Further, it is a proven strategy for integrating the supply chain and enhancing customer relationships. Business visibility in enhanced and supply chain partners can set up two way communications for mutual benefit. Customers can access information on products and services or find out the status of their product orders using web browser based applications. They can have access to the organization and communicate with product / service support teams for any queries they may have. FAQs, live chat sessions or even email support can be used to build up meaningful relationships with the customer.

As Cloud backup services mature, businesses will innovate to take advantage of the technology advancements. The Cloud will become a catalyst of change and new opportunities for leveraging IT will emerge. Cloud backup services may prove to be a means of differentiating between companies in a competitive market.