The impact of globalization can be seen in the emergence of the distributed organization. Demand for remote access to business information is becoming urgent and more organizations are considering Cloud backup and Cloud computing as a way of linking up the disparate parts of the business and creating an organic, agile structure. The process of organizational transformation is bringing with it a number of challenges—the largest being catering to the needs of Teleworkers, mobile workers, and others of a similar ilk.

Mobile working / Teleworking (also known as Telecommuting) is a work arrangement wherein the employees can choose to access the enterprise database/systems (at times the Cloud backup data) and work from wherever they are—at home or at a client location. They vociferously demand the deployment of appropriate tools to facilitate the process. Organizational failure to provide these workers with the right tools will result in employees using commercially available collaboration and communication tools to get their work done. This can compromise data security and expose the organization to legal action. As a result, for many organizations, mobility is no longer just a “good to have” solution. It is a necessity. Organizational survival may depend on it. In short, BYOD, mobile workers and Teleworkers have changed the nature of the organization or have forced organizations to change.

The resultant structural transformation requires the recognition of the change in behavioral patterns and a creative use of the Internet and other communication devices to stay in touch and monitor the work of the remote workers. Behavioral scientists point out that the problem can be avoided if the organization can knit the remote and the local workers using technologies, such as the Internet and Cloud based applications and reduce the sense of disconnectedness that is natural fallout of the changed business environment. Organizations must provide adequate technical support to these workers to prevent breakdown of communication and loss of any advantages that may accrue to the organization from Cloud computing.

Experienced organizations are prepared to add redundancy to communication links, configure multiple VPN servers and back up data to Cloud backup repositories to ensure that Teleworkers and remote workers retain access to the parent organization round the clock and mobile applications deliver compelling, multi-channel solutions and engage its workers in highly personalized ways. They prepare to transact more business “in motion” and engage with all their constituents anywhere, anytime and with any kind of device.