Most enterprise data protection concerns are around loss of data by third party service providers, unauthorized access to data, malicious activities that targeting Cloud vendor’s remote storage servers, or poor internal security that compromises the safety of your mission-critical information. A ‘quick and dirty’ risk assessment effort, will underscore the reality of these fears. A detailed risk assessment exercise will provide you with a clear picture of the potential hazards and their impact on the business.

Cloud service providers do much of this assessment for you. Their livelihood depends on it! They make an all out effort to ensure that your data does not vanish into cyberspace. They cannot afford to have their reputation damaged by leaving their systems open to unauthorized hacking. In fact, they are constantly on the watch for innovative new technologies that will help them protect your data and create a secure environment in which you can get on with your business, unfettered by worries about the security, integrity, isolation or consistency of your data.

But, you or your enterprise cannot just sign up for a Cloud service and expect to relax! The assurance checklist provided by your Cloud vendor is just the starting point. Effortless data protection will be the reward of asking the right questions and getting the most satisfactory answers from your Cloud vendor. For instance, you can test the security framework provided by your Cloud vendor by checking out the market reputation or whether your vendor is overburdened with requests for audit and assurance (indicating that the security perimeters of the vendor are not what they claim it to be!). You will need to check out the kind of encryption protocols that are being used by the vendor and the impregnability of these protocols. You will have to study when, where and how the encryption/decryption happens and who has access to the key and so on.

Securstore has been in the IT services and data protection business since 1991. Securstore takes security very seriously. We have spent much time and energy studying the security needs of our customers and creating security protocols that deliver value to them. Our Cloud backup solution — powered by Asigra — is intended to relieve you of your worries about whether or not your backups has worked or not. Your IT Admin can set up the backup process using our central management console and let us do the work for you. Our software is constantly present in the background of your work-a-day world, monitoring your files and folders, and instantly backing up the file or folder that has changed—including open files–and ensuring that you are able to recover the different versions of your data to your laptop, desktop or server, wherever you are. Securstore uses secure encryption technology to create an additional layer of security for your data during in flight (transmission) and at rest (storage). The key to the encrypted information is available only with you and no one else.

Remember that backup only is meaningless if you are not able to perform a recovery, which is a breeze with our software. So, are you interested in protecting your data effortlessly? Why not connect with us for a free trial?