File synchronization, simple migration and replication schemes, no nuts and bolts that need tightening, consolidation of the data center, seamless access to information from heterogeneous devices anywhere, anytime, highly available, scalable and accessible data repositories—that–is the cloud for you! Cloud backup and recovery requires no babysitting. Just get on the cloud and keep going! You get all the services you need with none of the pains that accompany the establishment of an elaborate IT infrastructure.

Whatever the critics of the cloud may say—and of course there are critics– the cloud is here to stay. The technology is evolving, growing and gradually tailoring itself to the needs of its customers. In some instances, it is anticipating requirements ahead of the market and generating needs where none existed before. The cloud backup market is becoming creative, innovative and absolutely focused on delivering services addressing, existing, dormant or yet to be felt needs.

An instance in point is the fact that the cloud backup market is attuning itself to the rising data access needs of the mobile device market. Workers are shifting to smart phones and tablets in their effort to reach out to their organizations from remote locations. Globalization has led to rapid expansion of the industry and consequent demand for more and more access to information from hand held devices. A typical mobile worker seems to have at least two hand held devices and wants local data access from both devices with equal ease. Cloud backup service providers are realigning their software to synchronize Internet driven data access across different devices.

Another example of how cloud backup is reaching out to you can be seen in the integrative nature of cloud technology. Riding the cloud does not demand a discard of existing technologies. Tape drives and tapes are being integrated with cloud technologies to create hybrid backup environments that garner the advantages of both backup systems and deliver value to the end customer. Cloud backup software can now be used to backup data to local tape drive on the LAN even while data is being transmitted to a remote server over the Internet. Customers can also choose to demand a ship back of their data on to tape from their cloud backup vendor!

So the cloud is truly a hop on and get going system that leaves you free to use your resources elsewhere more fruitfully and meaningfully.