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Secure your Cloud — Ask the Right Questions (Part II)

by Jon Thordarson, CTO at SecurStore

In the previous part of this article, we discussed perimeter security, multi-layered cleansing, and encryption. In this part of the article, we shall look at other facets of Cloud security that you must look into and question. Does the Cloud software log events for future reference?  Take a look at the logs that are maintained…   More

Secure your Cloud — Ask the Right Questions (Part I)

by Jon Thordarson, CTO at SecurStore

If you are worried that cybercriminals will have an easy access to your data in the cloud—think again.  If cyber criminals are becoming sophisticated, so are security tools. You can secure your cloud by asking the right questions and implementing the right solutions. So, ask the right questions! You may wonder: “What are the right…   More

Migration Isolates Data and Makes Access Difficult – Does It? (Part III)

by Eirikur Thor Eiriksson, CEO at SecurStore

Ask any Cloud user and the myths surrounding the Cloud will be exploded.  Cloud migration does not isolate data and make access difficult.  In fact, it does quite the opposite. Today, businesses are data driven and hedged around with innumerable legal mandates on holding and managing digital assets—especially customer information of a private nature—that demand…   More

Migration to the Cloud is Difficult – Is It? (Part II)

by Eirikur Thor Eiriksson, CEO at SecurStore

“Migration to the Cloud is difficult” is one of the myths surrounding archiving data in the Cloud.  An IBM sponsored survey undertaken by IDG revealed that 66% of the CIOs (respondents) were planning to migrate data to the Cloud or had already migrated data to the Cloud, and had experienced pain during the process.  However,…   More

Critical Questions CIO’s Must Ask

by Alexander Eiriksson, COO at SecurStore

There are five critical questions CIOs must ask themselves: 1. Are we compliant both locally and globally? 2. Is mobility threatening the security perimeter? 3. Are our Cloud applications secured? 4. What kind of internal threats are we facing and how are we dealing with them? 5. What is the ROI on our security investments?

Workspace Virtualization — the Cloud is Transforming the Way We Work

by Eirikur Thor Eiriksson, CEO at SecurStore

Gone are the days when the office desktop and office laptop were kept separate form personal devices; and administrators did not have to worry about employees using the work network for personal applications and data.  Today, employees prefer to create a personal Cloud, and use all kinds of devices to access both – personal and…   More

Improving Business Performance using Hybrid Clouds

by Jon Thordarson, CTO at SecurStore

Apart from gaining market leverage with decreasing costs and increasing flexibility or benefiting from diversity of applications that can be deployed, there are a number of facets of the hybrid Cloud you can work to your advantage. Exploit your hybrid Cloud for improved business performance.

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