Asigra was first introduced to the market in 1986 as an efficient, cost effective and transformational cloud backup solution that had the capacity to align value of data to the cost of protecting it. In 2010, it was profiled in the Gartner magic quadrant on Enterprise Disk based backup.

New and existing service providers, who target IT constrained organizations with data protection in mind, can offer secure, reliable and predictable data protection services with Asigra backup and recovery software as their backbone offering. The software helps transform business data management and protection by delivering backup and recovery solutions that seamless manage, scale and deliver state of art services to customers down the line.

Asigra is an agentless architecture backup and recovery delivery model. It reaches across the network to backup operating systems, file systems and applications using industry recognized standards. The architecture is time saving, easier to support, less resource intensive, and is security aware with no open portal or firewall.

Security compliance is a priority with Asigra. Managed service providers using Asigra can encrypt customer data on in flight and in storage. Encrypted data can be transmitted to storage from laptops, desk tops, remote office sites and other repositories. The cryptographic model is FIPS 140-2 certified and the software has a 20 year long track record of zero breaches. Every bit of information in the repository is stored with a digital signature and data on the disk has a self describing format. The background autonomic healing system is unmatched. The software automatically generates a certificate of destruction for any data that is destroyed from the repository. Password management and password rotation features align with customers’ security processes and policies and provides options for users to automatically generate passwords and change them at random for greater security.

Asigra backups are legally compliant. The disk based automatic solutions run quietly in the background with no human intervention. All backed up data is aggregated and allows for immediate and easy recovery. Data is securely transmitted and stored in offsite repositories via a public or private cloud and indexed appropriately for legal discovery.

Customer on-boarding features reduce time to market for backup service providers and lowers operational costs. Service providers can create multiple levels of service with different SLAs (service level agreements) for different price points. The self service features of the software allow customers create their own accounts and centralized vaults without intervention from the service provider. The hands on consultative approach allows service providers and customer interact consultatively.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) riding the Asigra wave have no regrets. They can deliver just what they promise.