The intense focus on communication technology and mobile applications has opened up new vistas of business. The modern enterprise is no longer a static, localized entity. It is agile, dynamic and spread out. Mobile workers are everywhere, linking back to the parent entity, reporting developments and sending in data feeds that are mission critical. The enterprise, consequently, has a new line item in its to-do list—it must address mobility needs of its workers!

Mobile system build-ups happen around the cloud. Enterprises must use public, private or hybrid cloud backup systems to construct their mobile networks. They must use robust software that enforces security, auto-initiates backup, and makes simple the process of communication between the remote enterprise cloud server and the mobile worker.

Agentless cloud backup systems connect mobile devices to the cloud based network by mapping the unique machine id of the device to the central administrative console located within the enterprise itself. A mobile connectivity component is used to initiate, monitor and maintain the connection. The moment the device connects to the LAN or WAN network the backup process kicks in. The automated process uses built-in data compression, encryption, and deduplication technologies to reduce the size of the data that is being transmitted over the network with intent to save up on bandwidth usage and associated costs. Users can manage all backup and restore operations without assistance or even expert technical know-how.

The mobile client component for laptops allows the mobile device user quickly recover information using intuitive wizards. The simple GUI—designed for novice users—promotes self management and reduces costs related to support, backup/recovery, management and usage.

Smart phone users and other hand held device users can now connect directly to the remote server for upload or download of information. It is no longer a multi-step process of synchronizing the device with the laptop or desktop and then initiating the upload or download.  Data can be instantly accessed or uploaded. The client component sits on the device and pushes / pulls data from the remote systems as per schedule or on demand.  The client software for Apple iOS or Android is made available on the cloud service provider website and can be downloaded directly to a device using the Internet.

This focus on mobile needs has transformed employee relationship management. The mobile workforce is no longer consists of a set of employees who operate at the periphery of the enterprise. They are just a click away from home!

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