Managed mobile cloud computing protocols ease the task of the enterprise IT Administrator.  The mobile workforce need no longer remain a remote and unmanageable sector of the enterprise. They can be integrated with the day to day working and their activities can be managed with the click of a few buttons on the Administrative interface on the Central Network management console.

A whole new set of security systems have emerged for monitoring, correlating and analyzing the security infrastructure of the mobile systems of the enterprise. These systems, provision for an immediate response to and remediation of cyber threats. The tools available to administrators include managed cloud based firewall, managed cloud based Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), managed mail defense, managed cloud based web filtering, managed cloud based Security Information & Event Management (SIEM), managed IT infrastructure to managed secure remote access services.

Managed Cloud based firewall services are designed to implement powerful, security solutions for management of digital identities and access privileges. The flexible and customizable firewall options protect the operating system, policy configuration and network design. The system is constantly vigilant against potential attacks.

Intrusion prevention systems protect the mobile device and the network from threats even before they happen. The Managed IPS is proactive bits of software that verifies traffic on the fly and prevents application based attacks while ensuring high performance.

While mail defense systems deal summarily with spam, web filtering ensures that mobile workers do not misuse their systems by browsing un-chartered web sites. Administrators can specify URL categories that can be accessed from the corporate network.

SIEM services support the stringent requirements of legal compliance. Log collections and periodic reviews help meet compliance mandates and provide base line data collection, governance, reporting and monitoring.

Finally, managed remote access services maximize business continuity by providing for simple, flexible means of recovering enterprise data from remote systems using secure protocols and automated backup options. The mobile workforce is free to work with key enterprise applications anywhere, anytime.

Cloud based Administration of mobile devices address enterprise challenges such as balancing the anytime, anywhere data access needs of mobile workers with security needs of the enterprise. Using these emerging cloud based management tools, administrators can track and manage employee and corporate owned devices for data security, cost reduction, user productivity and employee containment. Rapid growth of the mobile workforce or the proliferation of mobile devices need no longer worry the IT Administrator.