Cloud backup technology is here to stay. The “utilitarian” nature of the Cloud and the pay as you go model makes it very attractive to enterprises that do not have significant budgets for their IT infrastructures.  They can get all the benefits of a large IT investment with minimum outlay.  In this article, we look at a few of the benefits that attract small and medium enterprises and examine facts that seduce them into adopting Cloud backup technologies.

Cloud enabled technologies accelerate time to the market. If the small and medium enterprise selects the right Cloud capability, it can tap new markets with organized ease. New products and services can be launched online to meet customer demands and preferences across the globe. They can scale up with the increase in demand and exit the market with equal ease if demand shrinks.  There are no capital investments that must be redeployed, salvaged.  Only the subscription to the Cloud service will have to be terminated.

Adoption of Cloud backup technology has been proven to increase worker productivity. Globally distributed workforces can be constituted and organizations can take advantage of time differences between different parts of the globe to continue doing their business 24 hours a day. Cloud backup based applications are available, accessible and deployable over the Internet 24 x 7 x 365 from anywhere in the world using any type of device. Mobile workers who always felt isolated from the parent organization will find that they are part of the mainstream working even when they are on the go. They can upload and download information with absolute ease from the Cloud backup database and interact with superiors and consult with their peers from any location.

Cloud backup and Cloud computing are organizational enablers. Organizations gain agility, flexibility and an ability to cope with the rapidly changing environment of business. Economies of scale drive down costs while scalability of the Cloud backup infrastructure creates dynamically extensible operational resources that can be tapped “on demand”. The standard web platform can be used to improve collaboration, access and enhance stakeholder experience with the organization.  The Cloud backup will help reshape IT within the organization and shift thinking from capitalization to operationalization.

In short, changes that normally take years to achieve will happen almost instantly with Cloud backup technologies. Organizations must get ready to face the challenge and meet the demands of the change.