Asigra Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions are designed for risk aware industries. Asigra underscores the fact that disaster planning is all about identifying and preparing for dooms you can survive and plan to survive.

Asigra strongly believes that backup and recovery solutions should be flexible, scalable and highly available. It has architected an agentless continuous data backup solution that incorporates mass deployment functionality for high scalability. This enables the IT operations to automatically set up, configure and protect data across the enterprise using low touch, silent mode templates and backup protocols from a central console.

The IT administrator does not have to deal with different operating systems and revision levels to optimize the backup solution being implemented. Nodes (known as DS-Clients) can be linked to the backup system (known as DS-System) incrementally, while the DS-System itself can be augmented with any number of additional DS-Systems. The scalability supports additional backup loads and multiple operating systems, servers, databases, applications and storage environments and increases the availability of the backup service. The DS-System is designed to withstand failures of some of its nodes without disrupting backup/recovery service, while logs and alerts are generated automatically for troubleshooting and maintenance of backup services.

Asigra backup and recovery solution is built to integrate with local storage. Enterprises that store some or all backup locally can use the Asigra backup and recovery solution to feed the local data stores at LAN speeds. This local-only backup option gives organizations an additional low cost tier of recovery. Each local backup set can be restored independently and does not depend on other local backup generations for recovery. The recovery can also be made at LAN speeds. Additionally, Asigra proactively considers the possibility that enterprises may need to migrate their local backup offsite and provisions for it.

Asigra advocates that data replication and data redundancy are necessary for high availability and quick recovery. Data can also be replicated between two or more DS-Systems to create a duplicated live vault that has all the moving parts of a primary vault.  The best of the bargain is that the secondary vault can have a completely different operating system and extensible storage configuration! Moreover, replication is not a limited offering. Customers can requisition for additional replication sites whenever necessary.

Support for a recovery process is an imperative. Asigra, consequently, has designed and deployed an elaborate support system that is eminently accessible and available to its customers and partners. Elaborate documentation, FAQ’s, service packs, hot fixes and other related tools are made available on the Asigra website. Customers can also leverage this portal for specific troubleshooting requests or download the latest versions of the software.