Managed backup as a business has been simplified by Asigra. Backup service vendors who are attracted to the recurring revenue, profit margins, customer retention models and opportunities of the backup business can ride on the Asigra advantage and reduce their time to market in unprecedented ways. They can gain access to the inner ring and enjoy many of the support services provided by Asigra to their partners.

Asigra partners can make money while improving margins and expanding their customer base. They can eliminate channel conflicts by delivering a state of art service, improve customer satisfaction, overcome technology limitation, gain support for the ecosystem, and get value beyond the software with sales and marketing support that can help grow the business.

Asigra minimizes the risk of ownership by reducing operational risks. The hybrid partner program offers flexibility and resources such as market readiness toolkits, sales certification programs and trainings. The low touch software makes it possible for Asigra partners to focus their attention on other business activities. Partners can choose their level of involvement and remain responsive to the needs of the customers with service deliveries through private, public or hybrid clouds.

Demanding customers can be satisfied with SLAs (service level agreements) that Asigra partners can fulfill with ease. Data ranging from 200GB to multiple Petabytes can be protected with Asigra backup and recovery solutions. The software is legal compliant for Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Data Protection Act or PCI-DSS. Asigra has been developing backup software since 1986 and has unblemished data protection reputation.

The partner ecosystem—the inner ring—has been developed with care and devotion by the makers of Asigra. They have spent hundreds of hours designing the best support program in the industry. Partners gain instant access to the Channel Development Manager and can expect hand holding till the business is up and running. They also get access to the peer network and a standing invitation to the annual partner conference, where hands on business sessions make the Asigra experience unique.

Asigra promises revenue optimization, customer retention and risk management. Asigra partners today deliver cloud services that are robust, reliable, scalable, and absolutely risk aware. Those who are interested to launch cloud online backup and recovery services will do well to hitch their fortunes to Asigra, and ride in their wake to success.