It is axiomatic that information has become a more accessible/ integrated with Asigra. Asigra customers know that their laptops, smart-phones or other mobile devices can keep them connected to the business, wherever they are. They can access enterprise data or collaborate with their colleagues using web browser based applications over a standard broad band connection.

Traditional approaches to data backup do not address the problems of the remote office. Most backup processes are discretely tasked with the necessity of backing up and protecting remote office information—discretely, while they struggle with rising backup costs and shrinking backup windows. Asigra’s WAN-Optimized architecture is designed to integrate remote business locations to the central data repository, leveraging a public or private cloud and dispensing with additional infrastructure costs or even backup windows.

The Asigra software protects remote office data with an agentless architecture that is platform independent and non client specific. The Agentless technology eliminates the need to install the agent software on each remote connecting machine. The DS-Mobile client, once installed and mapped to the mobile device, efficiently backs up/recovers data anytime, anywhere. Data can be restored/backed up simultaneously, in parallel, from local storage on the LAN or from online vault in the remote data center.

The Asigra central console is equipped to manage the online vault usage or track backup consumption for each remote device and perform other administrative tasks with ease. The central hub has a complete view of the network. It integrates easily with existing SNMP-based monitoring and notification systems. The administrator can ensure that all backups remain operational and are successfully completed as per schedule. Failed backups can be tracked, monitored and followed up till all information is transmitted to the online backup repository for disaster recovery purposes. Help desk personnel can connect to remote mobile devices over the Internet to schedule backup jobs or restore lost files.

Asigra backup expands the tiers of backup and recovery to include local only backup or cloud based backup. The Backup Lifecycle Manager (BLM) permits customers to backup and recover data to and from physical or virtual machines or a mix of both. The transformational architecture delivers performance levels of high end modern IT infrastructures. It improves recovery times, reduces operational costs, and provides unlimited data protection to meet the demands of growing businesses. The backup process uses disk-level incremental client side de-duplication to reduce backup bandwidth requirements.

Asigra is distinguished from other comparable solutions. The platform can adapt to the changing needs of the modern enterprise. It is dynamic, efficient, secure and agile. It is one enticing solution to the problems of the mobile enterprise.