Asigra’s resellers are not referred as “resellers”; rather Asigra calls them as partners. Asigra recognizes that the current business environment demands channel partnerships that support and expand the reach of the company. Asigra offers its partners the opportunity to become responsive to customer needs. Asigra believes in helping its partners move managed services to the market with extensive advice, tools and partner communities, along with an ability to sell across all platforms.

Asigra’s partners extend the reach of the company. Asigra’s Assurance Partner Program has attracted channel partners interested in selling the Asigra Televaulting software. Partners signing up for the program could sell directly to their customers or use the software to provide a storage service utility with a recurring revenue potential on a per GB of usage. The dual choice sales option is very attractive and helps Asigra expand its presence in the distributed backup market.

Asigra’s Partner program has been filling the void that was being felt by the market. Partners, who did not want to develop their own software packages at a huge expense to entrepreneur, were excited about the opportunity of adding Asigra’s centralized backup and restore option to their storage offerings without complexity of traditional backup and recovery systems. Choosing Asigra also helps partners quickly enter the market, without delay and upfront capital investment.

Asigra does not compete with its partners. It never delivers directly to the customer. The company ensures that its partners have the right environment to market the product of the company. Asigra hand-holds its partners from start to finish, giving them all the training, advice and material they need to understand the product and market it effectively.

Asigra’s partners are equipped to deliver state of art services. Customers looking to buy backup and recovery software services form a public multi-tenant cloud or to build their internal corporate cloud or a hybrid of the two, will find Asigra’s partners have the necessary ability to provide them with the requisitioned services. Customers can choose the level of involvement they need.

Partners gain immensely by partnering with Asigra. The partner program has several partner levels and commission intensive programs. Named partners can sell the software on a case by case basis. VAR Hybrid Partners can resell the software. MSP Hybrid Partners can resell the software and manage their own vaults using the software. 3D Hybrid Partners can resell the platform, maintain a wholesale vault and support their cloud infrastructure. Any or all of the partner programs can be put on a FastTrack program to enlist quarterly review of business plans with Asigra.