A recent Gartner report positioned Asigra in the 2010 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Disk-Based Backup and Recovery. The military grade security feature of the software was one of the parameters that were considered for the placement.

Asigra offers secure backup and recovery to its customers backed up by a 25-year record of zero data breaches. The software does not support open firewall ports and cannot be hacked. Data in the storage repositories are retained in an encrypted format and every file and block of data is digitally signed. The data on the disk is in a self-describing format with background automated healing and system admin logical check features built in. The digital signatures are checked and validated repeatedly to ensure that data is never compromised.

The company is rightly acknowledged as one of the pioneers in encrypting backup data. The managed service providers who have adopted Asigra as their recovery platform drive the market.

The encryption algorithm that is used by Asigra is FIPS certified. The data encryption happens from edge to cloud, DS Client to DS System, disk to archive and is retained encrypted at the end point—the storage. Customers have a choice of encryption protocols that range from DES 56 bit with an 8-character key to AES 256 bit with 32-character key. Since the software maintains backward compatibility, users can still retrieve data that was encrypted with earlier encryption formats. The software also has an option for secure key management and central administrators can choose to exercise the option or continue to use the static encryption key that is issued to the enterprise at the time of subscribing for the service.

User authentication is central to Asigra security. Elaborate user management features allow for user definitions. Central administrators can assign user ids, passwords, rights and permissions. Security conscious organizations can take advantage of the password generation and rotation feature of Asigra software. The passwords can be changed at random for specific backup users so that access to data is made difficult. All user-activity on the system can be logged and tracked from a central location.

Asigra’s security features makes for greater compliance to extant legal provisions. The disk based automated solution runs quietly in the background without human intervention. The software aggregates backup data for offsite storage and allows for immediate recovery.