Version 12 of Asigra backup and recovery solution was released in November 2012.  The product is focused on Cloud-to-Cloud backup and virtual disaster recovery. It supports both SaaS and PaaS and raises its Cloud backup and recovery service, a notch above that of the competition.  For the first time, users can enjoy a single window management facility to monitor and maintain multiple Cloud backup accounts and ensure disaster recovery. The backup environment is simplified and any number of devices, applications, platforms and locations can be seamlessly controlled and managed efficiently and effectively. Fundamentally, Asigra Version 12 removes complexity from Cloud computing.

The features of Version 12 include:

  • Cloud to Cloud backup—Cloud backup portability issues are resolved with this feature. Users with multiple Cloud backup accounts such as account can look forward to having a backup of the database with all its components—customer accounts, contacts, leads, campaigns and any custom objects.  The data is backed up after it is encrypted with a FIPS 140-2 certified AES 256 bit encryption and is transmitted and stored in the encrypted format at rest. The data can be recovered along with the schema.
  • Ubiquitous backup and recovery—Data from any type of device can be backed up to the Asigra backup account. The data may include call logs, settings, applications, SD data cards, Calendar, alarm clock settings, music communications, bookmarks, photographs and many more data types.  Bare-metal recovery features built into the Asigra application enable recovery of the data from the Asigra account to similar or entirely different hardware. The product supports Windows, Linux and Mac desktops and laptops, Android/iPad tablets and iPhones, and Adroid SmartPhones.
  • Snapshot technology— This feature has been included in Asigra Version 12 to support the backup and recovery of big data.  The new snapshot manager interface can catalog, configure and manage snapshots. The administrative interface creates a simple integrated view of all the available snapshots and their storage locations. Data from IBM SmartCloud can now be backed up to the Asigra Cloud backup and recovery account.
  • Virtual machines DR— This feature is enabled for continuous backup of virtual machine. Further, the virtual machine can be activated instantly from the offsite data backup for business continuity while the primary server(s) or virtual machine failures are being attended to.

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