The Recovery License Model (RLM) implemented by Asigra is in focus. The concept is new and extremely attractive. It delinks recovery from backup and facilitates unit pricing for recovery.  This is an industry first; and it is augmented by a patent pending technology Asigra Recovery Tracker (TM). It underscores Asigra’s determination to emerge as an innovative, proactive market leader in the Cloud backup space and offer its customers cost effective business solutions.
How does RLM work? 
Well, RLM decouples backup and recovery. Backup and recover costs are no longer linked together.  There is no overarching need for the enterprise to recover everything that they backup. Though the licenses may be purchased together, users pay for backup licenses separately and for recovery licenses separately. While backup licenses are obtained on the basis of “capacity requirement” determinations, recovery licenses are obtained based on “Performance Scores” determinations.
What is Performance Score?
It just means that the recovery volumes are dynamically determined, defined with reference to volumes of data actually recovered over a period of time from a record of successful recoveries logged by the recovery tracker.  The recovery tracker is an analytics tracking software. Every recovery operation is tracked and recorded and actionable information is generated for reporting purposes. Users can track recovery status by using the tracking information that is made available to them. As a result, users have greater insight into Cloud based recovery needs of the enterprise and recovery costs can be kept under tight control.
Further, billing for recoveries becomes performance based. Only successful recoveries are billed. Unsuccessful recoveries are recorded, but ignored.  This makes costs controllable and predictable even when data volumes burgeon and explode.  It is expected that users will be able to celebrate a long term cost savings of at least 40% at the minimum and 70% at the maximum under the accounting head “Backup and Recovery”.
The RLM is a boon for small and medium industries that are on tight budgets. The SMBs that have a lot of data to backup, but recover very little from their data stores.  Capacity based backup and recovery systems do not really serve their purpose. The new RLM with its performance based recovery pricing will put them in control of data recoveries, help them save on costs, derive appropriate returns on investment (ROI) while appreciating the value of the recovery service they have signed up for.