Digital Disaster Recovery (DR) is a challenge. CIOs, who have lived through the era of tape backups and removable disk drive backups, can share with you the nightmares they have lived through.  Automated Cloud based disaster recovery has transformed the lives of these CIOs and made DR “just another exercise” in digital data protection”. CIOs now live in peace.

CIOs need to make three decisions before they can sit back and enjoy the power of automated DR in the Cloud:

  • How much data they need to protect?
  • What are the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) that can be tolerated for their organization?
  • What is the budget that can be made available for DR?

Once they have these decisions in hand, they can plan their DR Strategy.

Sensible DR practice recognizes that data needs to be categorized. There is mission-critical data and there is non-mission critical data.  Mission-critical data needs to be backed up continuously, automatically, and replicated with a similar frequency into Cloud backup repositories to take it offsite immediately and to ensure high availability and recoverability. Non mission-critical data can be backed up with at a lower frequency to less expensive offline media and can be manual or automatic depending on data volumes to be backed up.

At the core of reliable DR is replication and failover.  If your RPO and RTO are very tight and the data volumes are large, you need to ensure that data is continuously and automatically backed up and replicated to the DR server, and also ensure that failover clustering enables you switch from the primary server to the Disaster recovery server with minimal time gap. If you can afford to have some time lag, the replication can happen at the end of the day, end of the week, or end of the month, and need not always be automatic.

But, merely automating data backup and recovery in the Cloud is not enough. DR testing should also be automated. Automation of DR testing will reduce the time and effort required to gain assurance that the backup systems work just as they ought to. Automation will facilitate effective compliance with demonstrable proof that data is fully e-discoverable and recoverable, RTOs and RPOs will not be a problem and failover configurations kick in seamlessly and instantly.

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