If you want to add extra layers of protection to the enterprise data stored in Hyper-V servers, Cloud backup service providers offer backup choices that are irresistible. The Hyper-V server (hosts and guests) can be backed up to a local, remote or online backup server using the same software, from a single, application-aware centralized management console by just installing the Hyper-V plug-in that comes with the software.

The Hyper-V backup process for both host and guest servers can be automated to kick start without human intervention and can be continuous (without stopping your Hyper-V host or guest servers) or scheduled in a backup window or during idle time. The host and guest backups are not separate and an unlimited number of guest servers can be backed up to a consolidated data repository locally, remotely or online without additional license requirements. Hyper-V hosts and guests can be run from within a SQL server and backed up to the local, remote or online server along with the SQL database for future retrieval.

Restoring Hyper-V host and Guest servers from the local, remote or online server is simple. Most Cloud backup services provision for a restore Wizard. This restore wizard can be invoked to guide even the novice user through the process of restoration from a server. Multiple Guest files can be restored from a single image backup of the host or individual guest servers can be restored to a new location onsite, offsite or in the Cloud. The user can navigate through the image directory and retrieve specific files on any kind of computing device from wherever they are located in the world.

Cloud backup services harness the power of replication to redundantly reproduce the Hyper-V server data across geographically dispersed servers for disaster recovery.  The backup servers are linked together in a failover configuration to ensure that the customer never feels the pinch of primary server outage and the Cloud backup service is empowered to deliver the 99.9% uptime that it promises in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the customer.

Monitoring Hyper-V backup and recovery is always centralized for Cloud backups.  A single management console software interface integrates the management of the backup of all kinds of IT assets. Local backups, remote backups, online backups or Hyper-V, SQL, NetApp or Exchange backups can be initiated, managed, monitored and controlled from the central console.  Data stored on local servers or remote servers or Cloud based data centers can be recovered to an on-premise server or remote server or online location with absolute ease.

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