Convergence trends are driving business-IT integrations. IT professionals drawn into the mainstream business by emerging workplace demands are tasked with providing secure, reliable access to applications and data across geographies. They are forced to deploy resources to the cloud and use these technologies to expand the reach of the organization–physically and virtually.  Data centers have to be rapidly consolidated, virtualized, effectively and efficiently made operational, to enable employees harness the fast growing repositories of structured and unstructured information that is available with the organization. IT managers must boost application delivery, reduce response time, enable collaboration, and foster productivity among global and mobile workforces!

Corporate networks can no longer bear the strain of catering to the demands of the new business paradigm. The limitations of the corporate network can limit the growth of the business. BYOD, remote branches and mobile workforces require the use of highly available, scalable, easily accessible data repositories over networks that are available with emerging cloud technologies.  The corporate WAN can be optimized to address the business challenges and meet the current and future business needs of the enterprise without making huge capital investments upfront. The cloud allows users to incur small revenue expenses and provision for user access to data from wherever they are and whenever it is needed. Application performance and latency issues can be shelved with relief.

WAN optimization for cloud applications includes data streamlining, transport streamlining, and application streamlining.

Data streamlining is a process of ensuring that duplicates of information are not transmitted and stored in cloud databases. Eliminating duplicate data frees storage space and effectively increases bandwidth capacities.

Transport streamlining reduces the inefficiencies latent within network protocols such as TCP, UDP and RDP. It speeds up traffic and makes efficient the use of rated throughput capacity. Key applications are prioritized.

Application streaming optimizes application protocols and improves the performance of applications by reducing chattiness.

WAN optimization for cloud based data centers is more than just physical tweaking of local hardware and software. It includes tweaking of solutions that are deployed across the board over local WAN networks or global cloud based WAN. As a result, businesses must see a strategic value in the process of optimization and develop the capacity to roll out new applications quickly to accelerate performance, retain security and provide flexibility. In the end, the WAN must boost productivity.