Connectivity for multi-various devices—this is one of the major organizational problems that demand a solution.  These devices come with built in intelligent systems and demand the same from the network that manages them.

What are the characteristics of a Cloud backup driven intelligent system or network?

The first most important characteristic of a Cloud backup driven intelligent system is identity. The challenge of identity lies in delivering the right data in the right context to the right person or device at the right time. The issue becomes more complex as the number of devices, users and subsystems that connect to the Cloud backup increase and more data flows through the network.  The identity system is the key to a number of mission-critical business decisions.  This becomes possible when smarter interactions are made possible between identified users.  

The second most important characteristic is security.  Isolated systems were more secure. Private networks had to be made reasonably secure. Internet based systems have to be made even more secure as more and more devices connect to the Cloud backup database and interact with each other.  Moreover, these devices have their own security vulnerabilities and different security capabilities. A universally applicable security protocol will have to be built up for the Cloud backup database that it become device independent and remains robust whichever the device connecting with it.  As a result, Cloud backup services have adopted and have successfully used military grade or bank grade, third party certified cryptographic algorithms that have stood the test of time.

The third major characteristic of an intelligent Cloud backup system operating over the Internet is connectivity.  The emergence of mobile communications has resulted in a need for two way communications between devices and servers in the back end.  The cost of setting up such two way communication can be very expensive and even prohibitive if organizations have to go at it solo. The partnership with Cloud backup and Cloud computing service providers resolves many of the problems. The process of setting up the system, maintaining it and updating it, is abstracted to the service provider and the organization can get on with its business without concerning itself about the technology or the implementation of it.

The fourth characteristic is manageability. Cloud backup services manage and update devices and systems remotely. They maintain a two way ubiquitous connectivity and ensure high availability of information and low latency of the network at all times. The intelligent systems are more easily managed.

Add to this enhanced user experience and advanced analytics and the picture is complete.