If you are signing up for a cloud backup and recovery service, look for quality in the delivery of support services!  The support service must have the three attributes—efficiency, effectiveness and differentiation.

Effectiveness of support service delivery in cloud backup refers to “performance that meets customer requirements”. The Key result areas that must receive your attention with reference to this attribute are—Product guarantees, fulfillment time, convenience, innovation and market standing.

Efficiency is the ability to provide the desired support service at the desired price. Cloud backup services that have effective resource management methodologies in place and can leverage expense into customer value will be able to deliver efficient support services.

Differentiation is the ability of the cloud backup service to create value or distinctiveness of service.

Support service logistics and delivery is evolving. Traditionalists in the cloud backup niche take the conservative stand that value is attached to cost and “average service” can be delivered at “average cost”. Support services are priced differently for different levels. For instance, some could offer higher levels of support at different price levels.  Strategic logistics focuses attention on coordinating all interdependent activities across functional areas and adopting a total channel perspective. Customization, innovation, flexibility and responsiveness are valued and service level standards are clearly defined.  An example of such services in the cloud backup service niche is Asigra. Quality support has evolved to mean much more than just delivering the “right product at the right place at the right time at the right level at the right cost”.

Delivery of quality services is incumbent upon an understanding of the customer needs. Organizations like Asigra spend a lot of time and money in making sure that they understand their customers and can add value to their services. They exhibit willingness, desire and capability to become the best in the field by keeping their fingers on the market pulse and prioritizing dynamically on changing needs and preferences. They achieve balance by using their internal resources to train their channel partners to deliver value to their customers or provide the customers will the necessary information just in time.  They make aggressive performance commitments in advance and use these commitments as motivators for employees/channel partners to harness all necessary resources to deliver on the commitments. The culture of the entire chain is defined by the overarching goals and objectives of Asigra so that customers remain in no doubt that the company and its channel partners will deliver value as promised.