Cloud backup service providers contend that traditional networks do not address many of the connectivity demands that are made on organizations today. Remote computing, mobile computing and telecommuting are not options available to the enterprise any longer. They are imperatives. Failure to sort out these issues can result in loss of competitive edge and market share. Consequently, Cloud backup services offer an internet based scalable Cloud computing solution as an alternate to traditional WANs and LANs while building up the enterprise network. Remote offices and mobile workers can be brought online with absolute ease and given access to enterprise databases round the clock.

Cloud backup is an online backup service that seamlessly integrates local, offsite and remote office backup, archiving and disaster recovery solutions for the Cloud. The backups from these disparate, geographically dispersed systems can be managed from a single management console. The Internet serves as the backbone and creates a virtual private network that links the different users together and allows users to take their data with them. Users (remote office employees, mobile workforces and telecommuters) can connect this VPN using a cost effective broadband connection such as a DSL, or a cable or the new fiber optic technology from their desktops, laptops or hand held devices and access the information. Inter-office and remote office LANs can be configured to work together and data transfer speeds can be enhanced to exceed that of a T-1 line with the right type of Internet connectivity. New offices can be instantly linked up at the cost of a modem and an Internet connection.

The automated no-touch Cloud backup feature consolidates the enterprise information and enforces data security. The data from the multi-various systems are automatically de-duplicated, compressed and encrypted before it is transferred to the Cloud backup for servicing the needs of remote offices wherever they are located. Snapshot and replication technologies are used to guarantee accuracy of backup and high availability of information to the business. Security of information is ensured with a 256 bit encryption protocol in transit and at rest. User management systems are incorporated into the Cloud application software to implement the access policies of the organization and ensure that data rights and permissions are never violated by users in local or remote offices.

Organizations that are in the “rapid growth phase” and are looking for ways and means of bringing their remote branch offices online will do well to consider Cloud backup options. Fully functional trial versions of Cloud backup software are available on vendor websites.