Companies that are already online with cloud backups and web browser based applications or those who are wishing to enter the online market, have to evaluate the strength of the online competition. Interestingly, the online market place is a great leveler and the large and small enterprises can arrive in the market place with equal opportunities for success. The size of the enterprise ceases to matter. The way they use the online cloud backup resources makes all the difference to their competitiveness; especially in the case of a disaster.

Cloud backup services operating in public, private or hybrid clouds help organizations reach out to their stakeholders with absolute ease. A number of tools and applications are built into the service to assist them in this endeavor. Economies of scale kick into operation and costs are driven down as organization suppliers, customers and employees share the network and use hardware / software resources and enterprise databases optimally. New information distribution channels can be created instantly. Product differentiation can be translated into customer service differentiations that foster customer loyalty and enhance customer relationship management.

Cloud backup databases and related web browser based applications link the enterprise, its suppliers and customers together. The closeness of the relationship up and down the supply chain has enormous advantages for all stakeholders concerned.  The centralized cloud backup database system enables the enterprise, identify, authenticate and provide its suppliers with meaningful transaction related information on demand. Repeat and new customers can be tracked and profile pages can be built up to help customers relate meaningfully with the organization. Employees operating, locally or remotely can call up right information for the right task at the right time on any kind of computing device.  Additionally, since all stakeholders dip into the same cloud backup database, errors can be avoided and data can be updated with little or no manual interference from the IT administrator or staff.

On the flip side of this whole new cloud backup world, is the fact that the online businesses have been able to retain very little negotiating ability. It is a buyer’s market where the buyer uses the information available in the enterprise cloud backup database to compare and evaluate the product.  Enterprises cannot escape the fact and must manage customer retention and relationships by ensuring that customers receive the right information at the right time and in right quantities. They must update their cloud backup databases, profile pages of their customers and enhance online offerings by lowering costs, providing information nuggets and underscoring their difference from the competition.