SharePoint servers are integral to business processes today. Any business that operates in an employee collaboration and interaction mode naturally turns to SharePoint servers for the capabilities it provides. So, SharePoint servers have to be considered along with email, database, ERP and CRM when cloud based migrations are being contemplated.

Organizations that have spent several years perfecting their SharePoint deployment may hesitate about cloud migration for fear that their efforts would be wasted, discarded!  But, it must be remembered that SharePoint deployments do not start from ground zero in the cloud.  The fear is groundless as the cloud allows organizations replicate the entire SharePoint deployment and run it from the cloud! The applications do not have to be changed or modified. Additionally, the cloud enhances the experience by providing encryption and other kinds of security protocols for content security. Agentless cloud systems even allow customers continue using their Active Directory installations for data center control and authentication/authorization for data access.

Cloud service providers like Securstore, powered by Asigra, support distributed server protection and ensure that their Managed Service Providers have a comprehensive backup and storage solution to offer to their customers. 

SharePoint scalability can be exploited by cloud vendors for scaling up using an MS SQL database server and Web Front end.  A scaled disaster recovery plan can confer on the cloud service an ability to recover any SharePoint member server as a running server in 15 minutes—wherever the server may be located, i.e., in your local network, a local cloud appliance,  or a remote server in the cloud. 

Cloud software, that supports SharePoint, allows snapshot technology use, along with other granular level data capture technologies. The entire server can be captured as a single snapshot, using synchronous snapshot technology, and can be restored to same, similar or entirely new hardware as a snapshot. In addition to this, Cloud backup service providers like Securstore, powered by Asigra, ensure that granular level message captures and restores from SharePoint is enabled.  Object level restore capabilities can be used for whole sites or individual files and folders in the database. The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for snapshots and granular recoveries are significantly reduced.

Finally, the cloud based SharePoint technology allows users build, test and deploy critical SharePoint solutions instantly using SharePoint tools on new or pre-configured templates.