Logs have never been considered an important decision point in the selection of a cloud backup and recovery vendor. Yet, centrally maintained administrative logs are very crucial to data security in the cloud-especially in a multi-node clustered environment where data is accessed from multiple nodes and multiple locations simultaneously by several users on the network.

Asigra cloud backup focuses attention very relevantly on the architecture and deployment of logs.  The software provides activity, event, audit logs and reports for users interested in understanding network activity and monitoring user activities. The system also allows web based reviews of logs for network performance evaluation and troubleshooting.

The reasons why we are making such a fuss about logs, is that logs can make a difference to the management of the production environment. If the application fails, the life line will be the event log. The point of failure, the cause of failure can easily be pinpointed by just browsing through the log. This is especially useful where machines operated in a clustered environment and all logs are maintained centrally. Of course, administrators will find the verbose log cumbersome and the non verbose log useless. The Asigra maintains just the right balance and controls the level of logging to suit the basic needs of the Administrator and troubleshooter.

Logs can facilitate real time insights in to user interactions where multiple users’ access and use information stored in the cloud backup. The logs can be configured to collect desired information about transactions and the data can be analyzed in real time giving a great boost to information driven marketing or production. For instance, online store will greatly benefit from logs that show how many numbers and type of products are being assigned to the shopping cart at any given point in the day or geography; in how many cases sale is actually completed etc. They can then stock the product near the geographical location for instant shipping and delivery.

Logs report errors, exceptions and crashes in real time. User logs show attempts at unauthorized access. These logs can help the administrator proactively monitor application usage activity or react effectively and instantly to attempted data breaches.

Asigra’s logs are wonderfully architected pieces of software with associated reporting facilities and categorization of events / activities based on the level of criticality.  Administrators can create custom reports or use the standard report formats, built into the software, to view different time stamped or criticality driven events and activities. Every log activity may also generate alerts that hook on to email systems or web sockets to draw attention to the activity being logged.

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