The pace of decision-making has accelerated. Organizations are expected to make intelligent decisions using granular levels of information. The need of the hour is for intelligent systems that can be used intelligently!

However, organizations stepping into the world of intelligent decision-making will realize that the process is not simple. The devices that make up the system need to be connected and the machines must have the capacity to talk to each other. This is a shift from past computing models in that intelligent systems are no longer isolated, single devices. For instance, an industry attempting to arrive at “peak demand or peak load” statistics will need to connect up the data available in disparate systems scattered across the enterprise for analysis and reporting.

Until recently, the biggest roadblock in the set up and management of intelligent systems has been technology. How does one consolidate the disparate systems of an organization?  Platform independence, hardware independence, application independence, consolidation of databases on a remote server—all this opens up new possibilities.  The Cloud makes the set up and management of an intelligent system a practical possibility. The data consolidation is providing an insight into information available with them, and reducing the development cycles for these systems. The Internet provides the necessary connectivity and the centralized database ensures that multiple data streams can be integrated and analyzed for a variety of business purposes.

Cloud computing satisfies the two major requirements of an intelligent system—identity and security. Identity is the process of delivering the right data within the right context, to the right person at the right time. The complexity of inputs, as the number of users, devices and sub-systems increase, can be handled simply and efficiently with Cloud technologies provided connectivity is optimal and the entire range of devices can be managed from a single window interface. The technology must enable key business decisions on per user, per device level creating smarter interaction for business efficiency.  Data, systems and devices meshed together over the Internet must secured against hackers and unauthorized users at both the hardware and software level.

Development of intelligent systems demands intelligent handling of partnerships. Organizations must ensure that they select the right Cloud backup partner. Organizations must understand how they can use the technology made available to them in the context of their business. They must learn to morph technology to business and derive the value they seek.