The backup and recovery landscape has been transformed. In the 1990’s data was backed up to tapes and disks (during idle time) and recovered laboriously (in the event of disaster) with varying degrees of success (and a lot of frustration). Today, you can dispense with your tapes and disks and use remote servers and cloud backups to fetch offsite your data continuously or recover it automatically to your local server or an entirely new set of hardware, even as you work at your business. Virtualization has made the task even easier and whole servers can be brought up with the click of a few buttons.

The most dramatic effect of cloud and virtualization is the speed of recovery.  Today, Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives can be set for a very short interval of hours or even minutes. If the data recovery to the server or bringing up the virtual machine is estimated to take more time than the business can afford, users can be instantly connected / failed over to the remote server or a local backup server or Virtual machine linked to the cloud software, and operations can resumed without loss of time or even awareness on the part of the users manning the front end computers.

Changed block recovery is another feature of cloud backup and virtualization that is benefiting users. Changed block recovery, like Changed block backup (incremental/differential backup) only restores data that has changed in the active system since the block was backed up.  This is ideal for recovering information that was deleted / corrupted due to man-made errors or virus / malware attacks.  The administrator can select the version of the backup or VM as it existed just prior to the corruption and restore only the blocks that have changed significantly after that point in time. This cuts down on the amount of data that has to be recovered to restore the system to the selected RPO (Recovery Point Objective).

Interestingly, it can be said confidently that “the technology has changed user expectations rather than user expectations changing technology”.  The innovative approaches adopted by many players in the cloud backup / recovery and virtualization arena have opened up the field and the future will witness competition to develop and deploy products that will address many of the contentious recovery issues that still exercise the minds of the users.

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