More and more businesses are consolidating their data centres in the Cloud. This is accepted at the proven strategy to reduce data centre costs.

However, data centre consolidation can cause many problems and frustrate users. As scattered, distributed data centres are consolidated into a centralized data centre, users are being gradually distanced from their physical servers. Issues of latency, application delivery and disaster recovery become more urgent. Organizations have to give a lot of time and thought to if they want to achieve data centre consolidation, and at the same time deliver greater user experience.

Data centre consolidation must not cause performance issues. It should be remembered that centralization of the data centre results in the user being further from the server and data has to travel longer distances to reach the end user. This can cause latency in delivery and frustrate the user waiting patiently for the information requisitioned. A number of optimization tools are available to ensure speedy delivery of information over the network and these tools should be used effectively for improved delivery of services. So, check out if your Cloud service provider has the right tools in place for the task.

High Availability of information is an imperative for effective data centre consolidation. Since distributed data centres are being consolidated, loss of data can be more disastrous and can create large impacts on the business. The Cloud service must ensure high availability of data by more frequent replication, mirroring and backup of data. Failover servers, hot sites and disaster recovery sites must be integral to the disaster recovery plan.

Data centre consolidation must happen with confidence. The entire process must be de-risked and performance assurances a given. The relocation of distributed data centres to a centralized data centre must result in reducing network traffic and delivering data to the user at LAN speeds.  The consolidated network itself must become central to the business IT operations and the investment must support internal and external communications. It must become the driver of growth and generator of revenue for the organization.

To summarize, data centre consolidation should result in:

  • Accelerated service delivery
  • IT consolidation, virtualization and anywhere, anytime access to information
  • Optimized disaster recovery
  • Effective internal and external communications
  • Support to mobile workers and branch offices