Not so very long ago, Cloud to Cloud interoperability was considered a science fiction.  Experts evaluating Cloud services sadly announced that Cloud vendors had done a good job of differentiating themselves with use of languages, data interfaces and subsystems. End users were effectively prevented from moving between proprietary Cloud systems.  Standards organizations have also been slow to define standards for Cloud computing. But, Asigra, a pioneer in Cloud backup has proactively attempted to bridge the gap and provide backup support for Cloud applications, such as: Google Apps, Salesforce, IBM SmartCloud and several others. The latest in their Cloud to Cloud platform support, announced during the recent Asigra Summit, being Google Apps.
Asigra makes Cloud to Cloud interoperability a reality by including in its software a specific functionality. Users do not have to install and manage a separate application component for backing up and protecting data stored in another Cloud. They can trigger a backup or a recovery from within the Asigra platform. The data backed up can be configured at a domain level, account level, file level or byte level. Emails stored in the “other” Cloud can be backed up or
restored with equal ease.
Interestingly, all the NIST FIPS 140-2 data storage protocols that are applied to Asigra data stores are automatically extended to the Cloud to Cloud backup. Further, the backup process can be scheduled to work unobtrusively in the background as a continuous stream or as per schedule, automatically.  CIOs and IT Administrators can relax while backup of information from multiple enterprise Clouds are taken care of.
Unfortunately, the Cloud to Cloud backup is not user-extensible. It is limited to support for specific applications—the latest being support for Google Apps. Asigra had announced support for Salesforce in 2012 and IBM SmartCloud earlier.  The Asigra application support feature enables users protect their assets in these Clouds, just like any other data in their computing environment. Users can backup emails, calendars, contacts, documents and sites stored in these Clouds and restore all of them back to the source Cloud, using the Asigra interface. The restoration can be orchestrated at the domain level, account level, or file level.
The data is stored in a single repository. Policy based retention definitions and rules — configured for the Asigra environment — is automatically applicable to data backed up from other Clouds.
For those, who are already romancing with Asigra, the additional feature—support for Google Apps—is being made available free of cost!