Does your disaster recovery plan provide you with a comprehensive insurance? Does the insurance secure you against data centre disasters as well as data disasters? If you have answered with a positive to the second question—you have a comprehensive coverage against disaster!

A data centre disaster could encompass any of the following situations:

  1. The data centre is located in a seismically sensitive zone and an earthquake devastates it.
  2. A sudden Tsunami or tornado has flattened the data centre.
  3. Rains and floods have inundated the data centre and the sensitive equipment is under several feet of water.
  4. A fire has razed the data centre to the ground.
  5. A bomb has landed right in the middle of your data centre during a skirmish or war or terrorist attack.
  6. Your data centre employees have gone on strike and have shut down the data centre as a token of their protest.
  7. A careless employee or a dissatisfied human has used a virus/malware to compromise the system
  8. The systems have crashed due to power fluctuations or temperature variations.

The list could be endless. However, the end result is the same. The systems will become inaccessible; irretrievable. The loss of the data centre will result in information throttle, leading to loss of business. The test of the efficacy in the disaster cover will be determinant upon what kind of situations have been envisaged and covered!

A comprehensive cloud based disaster recovery plan will at the least cover the set up of the following:

  1. A disaster recovery site that is located in another geographic zone;
  2. Redundant offsite data storage facilities accessible via the cloud;
  3. A facility to mirror/replicate information in real time or near real time basis to the alternate data centre;
  4. Capability for bare metal recovery of information;
  5. Safeguards against floods, rains, and tornados;
  6. Safeguards against malicious human activity;
  7. Safeguards against infection by virus or malware;
  8. Safeguards against power fluctuations;
  9. Accessibility protocols to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the data centre; and

Finally, the comprehensive disaster recovery plan will provide you with a complete list of actions that must be performed before and after the onset of disaster. You must know just what you must do, when you must do it and how you must do it even before disaster strikes! It should be well documented and must recommend mock disaster recovery trials that you can conduct in preparation for disaster. Check if your plan gives you all this. If not, it is time to change your plan.

Securstore will be happy to guide you on how you can get a comprehensive insurance coverage against disaster for your data.