Cloud computing gurus have been shaking their heads and declaring that there is no “magic” that can transport applications from one Cloud to another.  They point out that application developers are extremely innovative and they are intent on distinguishing their application from that of the competition and hence no Cloud application can hope to cater to the computing environment demanded by different kinds of applications.
Asigra has taken up the challenge and has created Cloud software that extends support to a number of applications from within its API! The Asigra Cloud application now comes with a built in feature that allows it customers’ backup data from Google Apps, IBM SmartCloud, Salesforce and several others.  The “innovation” within Asigra is focused on data “integration” and Cloud “interoperability”. This is not surprising. Asigra has many firsts. Many firsts that is it achieved by constantly reviewing its operating environment and actively involving its customers in the development and deployment of its software. As a consequence, it maintains its reputation as a “market leader” and “innovator”.  The latest announcement, at the Asigra Summit, that Asigra is extending its support for Google Apps is not unexpected.
Asigra overcomes “vendor lock-in” issues by allowing customers to download and install application specific interfacing API to bridge the gap and create the linkages between the Asigra Cloud and other Clouds. Once the links are established, migrating between the Clouds becomes automatic and simple. The data from the IBM SmartCloud or the Google App becomes a part of the Asigra Cloud such that all the rules and protocols applicable to the Asigra Cloud become applicable to the imported data. For instance, data retention rules framed for the Asigra data stores apply to the newly imported data store and the encryption protocols applicable to the Asigra data stream is applied to the incoming data stream from the integrating Cloud.
Restoring data to the original Cloud or application is not a problem for Asigra. The same interface feature permits users to move data back to the original Cloud from the Asigra backup store. All Asigra service levels and security protocols remain in force during restoration.
Asigra’s efforts at extending Asigra software support to other Cloud based applications, underscores and highlights, the potential business benefits of integrating Clouds and making it possible to backup and restore application specific data between Clouds.  Applications and application stacks do not have to be rebuilt and the network set up in the destination Cloud does not have to be reconfigured. Security systems automatically slide into place and data is encrypted even as it streams into the Asigra Cloud.