It is not just a statistic! 70% of your enterprise data is being generated in various mobile settings from laptops to smart phones! Your staff may be out there tending to your patients or digging up roads, repairing malfunctioning equipment or selling your products. While this may present a number of competitive advantages to you, you should realize that these men and women may not even be IT savvy individuals and are definitely not security experts. Yet, your enterprise is leaving the security of the data being generated in their hands! Do you not think you need to deal with mobile devices of this mobile world? Does the situation not warrant some kind of decisive action on your part?

Cloud computing for mobile devices automates mobile device management and automates business processes at remote locations. Your enterprise will be able to install an effective mobile device management system that gives secure control over mobile data, devices and applications, while not curtailing the freedom of the workforce by migrating to cloud based computing services. Cloud services will automatically define protocols and put in place measures that control and protect mobile assets and implement solutions that proactively manage, secure mobile objects and improve efficiency, customer service, and ultimately profitability.

Cloud computing services come with powerful, flexible solutions for mobility management. The complexity is reduced as backup infrastructures are abstracted and connectivity is obtained over the Internet. The software applications will enable the enterprises take full advantage of the vast benefits of mobility and give the broadest cross platform control over mobile devices. Mobile workers connecting to the cloud will be able to maximize customer facing time by minimizing connection time. They will be able to deliver the right amount of information at the right time on dependable devices. The mobile devices will be supported as if they were desktops in the office as all mobile devices, data and applications will be controlled from a single console. Security will remain the responsibility of the administrator sitting at the head office.

High quality cloud based device management solutions react to changes in the state of the device. The software monitors memory, files, folders, registry settings for changes and triggers off backup processes. Specific applications can be launched when a user signs in or logs off; user information can be created and uploaded to a central server to track user activity or when confidential files and folders are written to external cards or sent to other devices. License control, software distribution, application control, inventory and asset control, remote control, connection management, scheduling and prioritization and bandwidth optimization are some of the applications that are on offer with cloud based mobile management services.

In short, a comprehensive cloud based mobile management capability may help your enterprise manage and secure mobile devices across your enterprise. Enterprise grade cloud solutions are highly scalable, flexible and web based applications that can be configured to the specific needs of your enterprise.