Delivery of graphics and video applications over the Cloud is an experiential reality. Employees are familiar with it and organizations can exploit its potential in a multitude of ways. If they have not used the technology or enjoyed the power of the process, they have missed a valuable business communication opportunity. But, it is never too late to start.

Cloud service providers offer a number of tools for distributing video applications over the enterprise network. The good news is that these tools are not resource hungry and bandwidth intensive. They are flexible and scalable; and can be expanded as the business grows and in synchronization with the business needs.

Business users lining up videos for delivery do not have to worry about network complexities involved in delivering large files. The content delivery networks are configured to instantly streamline the process and intelligently use the available resources for delivery the last user on the network. Connection speed, device and player types are automatically analyzed and the right bit rate and file size are determined for ensuring network fidelity during delivery.  On demand videos can be authorized as the external Cloud solution ensures that your own network resources are not consumed during video delivery.  Support teams are available 24 x 7 x 365 to attend to any issues or troubleshooting requirements that may arise during vide delivery.

Video delivery over the Cloud has a number of business uses.  End users can demand and obtain video delivery services from their Cloud service provider for training, live event management, webinars, and a host of other activities.  Employees can create internal videos for sharing and collaboration purposes. Cloud based video tools include tools for video capture and recording, internal video editing, narrated screen capture, upload from mobile devices, video rating, document attachments, etc.  The video can be received by employees on any kind of device including laptops, mobile phones, iPads, tablets, and so on.  Video can be delivered over a public Cloud for customer product demonstrations or training sessions. In short, the ability to harness and use video content empowers the organization.

Content Administrators and IT Administrators can rest easy as Cloud based video management tools provision for Video migration, content management, webcast management, branding, social portal integration. The complexity is taken out of the implementation as user friendly interfaces and single window management concepts facilitate centralization of management and administration of users.  It is a low risk, high returns platform that can be used to flexibly, intelligently and powerfully, integrate disparate parts of the business and keep the energy throbbing.