Backup offerings for the end-consumer come with graded efficiencies. The product is as efficient as the market chooses to make it. The end-product is a reflection of market concerns over cost-to-deliver or benefits-derived.

It follows that cost constraints at the development or consumption end have a lot to do with what the product have to offer and how efficient the product turns out to be. Those who cannot afford expensive backup are content to subscribe to the less efficient products–even if they sacrifice some efficiency at the altar of costs. Those who find benefits overriding concerns of cost prefer to sign up for products that are entirely focused on delivering efficient backup systems with a conviction that short run cost savings may result in long run problems.

Asigra’s DS-Consumer is the Industry’s first enterprise cloud BURR platform that offers Recovery Restore Assurance (R2A). The package includes all the features that were heretofore available only to Enterprise consumers, such as R2A, FIPS 140-2 Certified encryption protocols for security and data reduction technologies for block level de-duplication and compression. Data is efficiently and effectively streamed to the offsite backup server in the cloud, continuously to be stored on the remote server or a remote backup disk drive that can be attached or detached from the network.

Patches and upgrades to the DS-Consumer automatically executes while the end- consumer experiences no blips in performance. Bandwidth throttling is effortless and conservation is integral to the system as incremental backups are queued and streamed out at optimum bandwidth during idle times.

Significantly, the DS-Consumer delivery platform precludes the need to install multiple BURR solutions on varied device types. The platform works well on laptops, desktops, servers or hand held devices.  The one click data backup system has intuitive GUIs that can be accessed to initiate custom backups or schedule automated backups. Self-management features that are ascendant in the product ensure that novice consumers can independently restore or backup their data from anywhere, anytime without waiting for technical assistance of any kind.

Managed Service providers (MSPs) who have adopted Asigra products are permitted to self brand the DS-Consumer product; and enterprises on Private clouds can integrate it into their WAN. The proof of the product is evidenced by fully functional trials that consumers are free to try before they buy.