Whether consumerization of IT is a good or bad thing is a matter of debate amongst CIOs and Security professionals. However, the bottom line is that the cloud provisions for technology for the non-technologist; and that is the best that could happen in a world where failure to keep pace with technology could spell doom to a business.

Asigra’s end point support changes the dynamics of technology access and delivers state-of-the-art managed backup and recovery services with extended support for mobile devices. MSPs and Small and Medium businesses have suddenly been endowed with the power to backup, store and restore their corporate data from anywhere, anytime and on any kind of device using a common infrastructure and a similar or near similar user friendly interface.

The agentless core of the Asigra application is designed to deliver backup and restore services that can be configured from a central control and deployed across a network. The technology operates quietly in the background and is never disruptive or intrusive to the end user. A number of add-on modules are available to enhance the functions, features and tools available with the core application.

Asigra v11 endpoint support functionalities and features list a hundred new features. Therefore, any shorter list of features can, at best, present only a quick view of what MSPs and users can expect to receive with Asigra. Here are a few features to vet the appetite of those who would like to delve deeper and go with what our solution, powered by Asigra, has to offer.

  1. Extended reach for mobile devices
  2. Consumer friendly endpoint services with identical platforms across devices
  3. Optimized Administrative interfaces with role based access to data vault
  4. Virtual management of capacity based licenses
  5. Extensive and intensive control over network operations
  6. Secure multi tenant support in public, private or hybrid clouds
  7. Multi threaded operations.
  8. API integrations that invoke industry leading snapshots
  9. Support for 10 GBPS LANs
  10. Multi dimensional, multi billing system
  11. SLA monitoring and management
  12. Deep reporting, notification tools and audit trials
  13. High availability, scalability and replication
  14. Web portals for online management of vaults
  15. Tiered recovery and backup life cycle management tools.

Asigra is completely consumer focused. Asigra has intelligently entered into partnership with a number of technology manufacturers to leverage the advantages of technology already in the market such as Symantec FileStore and Intel AppUp.