Remote working, flexi-time working, working from home, mobile working, telecommuting are some of the terms that are bandied about today. They are not just terms, but verbal representations of the changing work scenario. Employers need to seriously consider how they can establish controls over their workforce and also keep them engaged, valued and motivated.

Cloud computing has some answers.  The employees can be made to share and involve themselves with the goals and objectives of the organization by constant event updates and interactive sessions. The cloud based account with third party cloud backup service providers can be a starting point. Information about events within the organization can be stored in the remote cloud backup and made accessible to employees wherever they are.  Videos, write-ups, whitepapers, press releases and a host of other details can be instantly recorded and updated into the event database of the organization and made available to users across the board. Remotely situated employees can participate in local workshops, seminars by logging into the cloud backup server via the Internet and interacting with their peers in real time using preloaded application software.

Email, video chats, live chats, instant messages and a range of communication applications have become standard tools of cloud backup application services. Employees operating from their locations can communicate with their superiors, peers and subordinates or schedule conference calls or demand email or message updates. Everyone can be kept in the loop and made accountable for their action or inaction with reference to assigned tasks.

The emergence of unwired devices like smart phones, iPads and PC tablets that can connect up with the cloud backup, has helped usher in a work norm that is integrative and inclusive.  Mobile employees can remain engaged with their employer organization permanently, temporarily or constantly with an accessibility to information that is up to date.

Training, professional education, continuing education and other opportunities available to on premise employees can now be offered to employees who are constantly on the move.  Databases of training material can be created and stored in the remote cloud backup repositories for self paced learning. Employee progress tracking applications can be loaded to interact with the cloud backup database to ensure that employees receive the right kind of training at the right time.  Even instructor led programs can be videotaped and made available to remote workers on demand.