Data backup systems exist because there is a need to recover information. Backup systems that do not work towards the realization of this truth will cease to exist. Asigra v12 is focused on this fact. They have worked hard towards creating technologies that foster aggressive data recovery capabilities for those with ambitious Recovery time objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

Asigra has encouraged the use of a single cloud based storage repository for backup and recovery of enterprise information by building up easy to deploy and use systems riding on the internet. This has made it possible to integrate hardware based snapshot technology into the backup and recovery process and consolidate information stored in multiple devices within the enterprise and running on varied operating systems without reference to specific configurations. The snapshot protects data across all types of storage hardware platforms and provides a single window view of all backup sets that are created. Administrators can manage and maintain all the snapshots using the pre-packaged management interface that is part of Asigra v12

Primary and secondary data centers with NetApp storage will find that they can backup the data stored in the primary data center to the remote secondary offsite data store by snap-shotting the information and transmitting it over the Internet using the Asigra management interface. The snapshots work smoothly across homogenous NetApp platforms and are storage hardware independent—i.e. data can be backed up to any kind of storage device of the user’s choice. There are no additional costs to contend with.

Asigra v12 snapshot storage arrays hold the data in AES 256, NIST, FIPS 140-2 certified encrypted, deduplicated and compressed formats in any kind of hardware. The data can be recovered to the same, similar or different kind of hardware / software platform with a few clicks. The recovery can be orchestrated granularly to single file recoveries or to full point in time backup session recoveries.

The best of the bargain is that Asigra continues to be agentless and there is no need for separate agent installations on all machines connecting to the cloud based account over the Internet. This considerably reduces the burden on the administrator, simplifies updates, and ensures the security and safety of the enterprise intellectual assets as there are fewer points of entry for unauthorized entities.

In short, Asigra v12 improves on its offerings of Version 11 and takes another step forward in servicing the needs of its customers.