There is no running away from facts. Cloud collaboration is a business imperative and businesses that want to maintain a competitive advantage, have to explore and adopt a number of collaboration tools available with Cloud computing. But, success is assured only to those who spend the necessary time and energy in selecting the right tools for the right jobs.  Not all collaboration tools available in the Cloud are relevant or useful to the enterprise.

First, the collaboration tool picked, must integrate well with the existing technological framework.  It must link together and work efficiently with a battery of mobile devices that may be brought in by employees of the organization. Stand alone collaboration applications that sit uneasily on the operating system and serve a limited purpose of reaching out to some members of the organization will create more problems than solutions. The collaboration tool must be ubiquitous within the organization and must work well with every kind of device and operating system that is being used by the different members of the organization.  The pressure to contain budgets should not result in any kind of compromise with collaboration technology.

Next, the collaboration tool that is selected must be scalable and manageable.  The management interface must facilitate scale up or scale down in synchronization with the dynamics of the business and market considerations. The interface must be configurable and user management tools built into the management module should allow policy driven allocation or de-allocation of rights and permissions to end users in accordance with hierarchical levels within the organization. Further, the collaboration tool should simplify workflow allocation and management and facilitate tracking of user interaction with the tool. This will help streamline business decision making and enable the business react to changes in scale, scope and process upstream and downstream.

It should be emphasized that businesses are dynamic entities and are constantly evolving. The collaboration environment is also changing and adapting to the changes in the external environment. Employees are clamoring for use of newer devices and personal devices in their work-a-day lives and Cloud collaboration tools provide the necessary flexibility, scalability and agility that businesses are looking for. It is, therefore, no surprise that Cloud collaboration which has locked step with the changing environment is gaining popularity with small and medium enterprises, which are on tight budgets and tighter business schedules.