For those who are skeptical about the existence of state-of-the-art cloud services, we would recommend a download of the trial version of Asigra Cloud Software. The agentless cloud backup service delivers just what you need.

Asigra and its partners are committed to keeping a step ahead of the market. They have been around since 1986 and know the pulse of the market. They proactively define the market in terms of customer and MSP requirements and invest both time and money in research on current needs and future trends in the cloud market. A number of seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions are held round the year to ensure that all stakeholders in the cloud are on the same page and understand each other well. It is no wonder that Asigra is the first cloud data protection vendor to be awarded the Gold Product of the year Award for 2011 by Storage Magazine and Search Storage.

For Manage Service Providers (MSPs) who are keen to focus their attention on data protection, Asigra has a lot to offer. The company delivers to its partners, purpose built next generation software for profitable deployment. Integrated into the agentless backup architecture is an unmatchable military grade security, deduplication technology, customer on boarding services, Continuous Data Protection, and Cloud backup APIs.

Asigra has many first to its credit. It is the first product to offer end-to-end enterprise protection. The software is device agnostic. Servers, desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPads, iPods and smartphones are included in the devices that can be linked to the Asigra data protection network. Asigra software can be deployed as an on premise private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid cloud. It installs comfortably on a virtual machine. With v11, Asigra offers a number of new web management features, including remote automated update of user licenses.

“Powered by Asigra” is a phrase that has come to have value. Data from multiple devices/types of devices can be safely transmitted, deduplicated, encrypted and compressed and stored with a few keystrokes. The advanced platform is elastic, highly resilient and fully geared up to handle any kind of exponential growth in data. The unmatched backup efficiency and instant response to dynamically changing environments makes Asigra the software of choice for small, medium or large enterprises.

Securstore is proud to be a 3D Hybrid Partner of Asigra.