There are several myths surrounding Cloud archiving.  Here are a few prominent ones that CIOs advance when confronted with the task of migrating data to the Cloud:

  1. It is too risky
  2. It is too expensive
  3. Makes for isolation of data—making for access problems
  4. Migration to the Cloud is difficult

But, it should be remembered that “myths” are just beliefs and the statements must be well analyzed and evaluated before they are accepted as realities.

“It is too risky”—the risk is not in the process of migration. The risk is the perception of the person, who is migrating the data.  It is but natural that CIOs are apprehensive about security in the Cloud.  The fact that they are putting the data in a third party repository is a hard pill to swallow.  But, the skepticism is really over- rated.

Studies show that 75% of the enterprises that have put their data in the Cloud are confident that their data is secure. Only a few exhibit lack of confidence.  In fact, private Clouds are proving to be more secure than enterprise on-premise Clouds. Cloud services have made significant advances in providing data security and protection to their customers, which are light years ahead of what individual enterprises can deploy at the costs quoted by service providers.

“It is too expensive” is not the truth. CIOs attempting to find innovative ways of cutting down costs will have to consider the Cloud for what it can offer.  In fact, the total cost of ownership (TCO) goes down when the Cloud is adopted.  This is one of the top drivers for Cloud adoption.  The costs of Cloud migration should take into consideration both direct dollar value and indirect dollar values.  CIOs should remember that there are no infrastructure expenses to grapple with.  The Cloud bills only what is used and this enables fairly accurate costing.  Indirect savings occur because the Cloud reduces costs of downtime, avoids ongoing infrastructure maintenance costs, and minimizes the cost of data migration.  So, it is possible to make a winning business case for the Cloud.

The third myth that Cloud makes for data isolation and inaccessibility is wrong.  The Cloud makes data available anytime, anywhere and on any kind of device. All the user needs is a computing device, and Internet connectivity.

The final myth is that data migration is difficult is not tenable.  It just requires the use of the right tools and the right knowledge at the right time. CIOs should spend time evaluating the data they want to migrate and selecting the right tools to disprove the truth of the contention.

In the next four posts, we will discuss the above four myths in detail.