Mobile computing is no longer a dream of the future. It is the here and now! It complements cloud computing and shares many of the services that are available in the cloud. The ecosystem is composed of several elements and platforms, and is convenient. It is an on demand service network that dips into a shared pool of configurable resources that can be rapidly scaled up or down with minimal effort on the part of the user. The shared resources can be software, infrastructures or platforms. Mobile devices may include smartphones or tablets using operating systems such as Research in Motion’s (RIM), Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Windows mobile or UNIX.

Businesses are increasingly going mobile as employees demand access from their smartphones and mobile devices and telecom see immense business potential in this demand.  Changing work patterns and telecommuting needs are also driving the mobile computing market. Pew Internet Project points out that by 2020 a large proportion of workers will be going mobile and cyber based applications will dominate the computing arena.

A mobile computing network riding the Asigra or similar cloud based software connects to data networks over the Internet using GPRS packet core. The GPRS packet consists of a GGSN (Gateway GPRS support node) and SGSN (Serving GPRS support node).  Mobile network operators create interconnections using the Internet switch/Gateway of the ISP or telecom provider.  Many tier one telecom companies reserve bandwidth to an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) to guarantee quality levels of service and avoid Internet congestion. CDN servers may be co-located in various data centres, including data centres belonging to the telecom operators.

Asigra’s commitment to mobile computing and its effort at fulfilling the customer expectations on mobile computing, is under-scored by the strategic relationships it has developed and nurtured with the Infrastructure as a Service company–6fusion. Together Asigra and 6fusion provide a premier cloud based mobile solution.

Securstore is proud to be a 3D Hybrid partner of Asigra.

The 6fusion platform named UC6 extends the abilities of the Asigra cloud software and provisions for world class infrastructure availability, without a need to make large investments in hardware.  The combine allows enterprises leverage cloud efficiencies for mobile computing with price/performance advantages. UC6 is scalable and allows a variety of applications to be delivered internally or externally from a single console on the Internet. The Workload Allocation Cube (WAC), a proprietary UC6 feature simplifies usage metering and billing on the network. A public-private cloud or hybrid cloud deployment model is tightly integrated with Asigra Cloud backup software from within, for ease of offsite/onsite recovery.