The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the cloud is its ability to provide a single platform for multiple mission-critical applications. The converged infrastructure provides collaboration tools that are flexible, scalable and shareable at significantly lower costs coupled with higher productivity, simplified administration, decreased IT overheads and shorter deployment times.

Converging infrastructures in the cloud have brought a measure of flexibility and agility to the deployment of key applications and has brought a modicum of relief to the harassed IT Administrator. A number of forward thinking enterprises have eagerly adopted the cloud for delivering mission-critical applications in private, public or hybrid clouds and have leveraged the advantages of “on-demand” infrastructure deployments.

An illustrative instance in context is the deployment of email applications in enterprises.  Email is a popular, familiar and efficient means of communication within and without the enterprise. In a sense, email accounts have become repositories of mission-critical business information. A number of processes, strategies, decisions and business projects are contained in emails. This forces a rethink on the need to preserve and secure emails as part of the mission-critical data repositories of the enterprise.

IT Administrators deploying email applications on stand alone Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SharePoint servers find that they cannot guarantee uninterrupted performance, availability, scalability on demand or 24x7x365 delivery to their customers within the enterprise. The applications themselves are difficult to deploy, manage and maintain. Burgeoning mobile workforce with constant demand for email add to the burden of maintaining and managing the email applications.

The cloud provides a solution to the problem. Enhancements to Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange are cloud friendly, technology-convergence friendly. Deploying them in the cloud allows enterprises get the best out of the enhancement and justifies rolling out the email cloud to their end users.

Converged infrastructures provision for the best of the breed components. The components are integrated; support computing, networking, storage, security and management. The technology is feature rich and reliable. It is pre-tested, pre-validated and pre-configured.  It provides a single point of contact for all technical problems. IT Administrators will appreciate the unified management dashboards that lets them automatically configure, monitor, maintain and manage all applications and activities within the enterprise.