Good customer service is the foundation for good customer relationships. A satisfied customer is your best marketer. Good service helps you retain your old customers and attract new ones. Your old customers champion your cause and say good things about your service. They persuade their friends and relatives to buy your products—online and offline.  As a result, the Internet and Cloud based backup services have brought the customer closer to the business and customer interaction has become a daily task, demanding sensitivity in handling. Customers must be handled with intelligence.

The key to handling customers intelligently begins with an awareness of systems that deliver highest quality services to customers and systems that create frustrations. It should be remembered that in a perfect competitive market, where customers are price conscious and not very brand loyal, it is the quality of the service that distinguish one product from the other. Many retail businesses use Cloud based applications, including mobile applications to attract and hold on to their old customers and attract new ones. For instance, the Hospitality industry, the airline industry, and restaurants use web based, Cloud driven applications to induce customers to make purchasing decisions on the move or from wherever they are.

The above facts merely underscore the importance of good customer service that can be offered. Loyalty programs can be initiated with Cloud driven web interfaces, to engage and retain the attention of valuable customers so that they spend more money on specific products and services and encourage others to do so. However, the sad fact is that Cloud driven, web browser based loyalty programs are not being very effectively used by the retail business.  A lot of money, that can otherwise be earned, is being left on the table. Organizations that have well established digital membership programs and plastic card membership programs will testify to the truth of this. These companies have dispensed with generic reward for their participants and offer customized email based or profile based programs that ensure a higher level of participation and customer satisfaction. The interaction levels are intense and customer-retailer feedback is constant.

This is where intelligent customer relationship, Cloud based systems can play a major role. The knowledge may then be used to stock and promote certain types of goods and offer certain types of services to customers at a specific location.