The inner circle is always exclusive. You are privy to secrets that are not available to the rest of the mortals out there! It gives you an edge over those who have not joined in. You will be part of an online community of techies who know what they are talking about. As a member, you will always have someone ready at hand to advice you, offer you feedback and check out your problems and resolve them.  The latest product updates are yours before anyone is even aware of them. You will be invited to exclusive product launches and events; and will be contacted directly by the internal team handling the event!

But, what does it take to become a member of the inner circle? Well, there are no tests of strengths and impossible acts of bravery involved. All you need to do is commit yourself to an online backup service and get on the bandwagon with complete conviction that it is the right choice for you. You need to join the online backup service forums and actively participate in the discussions, webminars, seminars and annual meets—sharing your experience and requesting advice from the other members or from the technical staff of the organization. You may even become a reseller and make the online backup service the business of your life!

Nothing much to it, is there? Yet, you will be the gainer. You get a lot of free 24/7/365 advice not only from people who know the technology, you will also have an access to a rich repository of user/reseller experiences to draw upon. You can share the simplest problem and get a hundred users/resellers—who faced similar problems—telling you how they resolved them in-house or with the help of the technical staff. You will be pointed in the right direction and will be able to save up on hours you would normally take in identifying the problem and approaching the technical staff for a resolution. Just browsing through the forum discussions you will gain insight into the most common problems people face and solutions they found to the problems. If not, they would definitely leave a trial on how they had proceeded towards the resolution.   

Resellers can certainly expect to form the core of the inner circle. They can expect to be treated as valuable members of the family. The online backup company depends on its resellers for promoting its products and increasing its reach. The financial health of the resellers is a matter of paramount importance to them and the parent organization will paternalistically, oversee the welfare of the reseller and guide all steps towards a successful marketing and sales promotion strategy for the benefit of the reseller and for itself. So, the reseller will have a reasonably easy time transitioning from the conference table to the market!

So, if you have not yet been admitted to the inner circle, it is time you made the attempt. It is a win-win all the way!