When organizations shift from on premise computing to offline or Cloud backup based computing, the persons most affected are the end users. What is the HR Cloudscape like?

The first fall out from the organizational shift to Cloud backup will be experienced by end users—the employees who may be using the systems for daily business transactions of the organization. The new computing paradigm will enforce login security. The user must have the correct user rights and privileges to access information contained in the Cloud backup server. User activity on the network will be track able and will be recorded on appropriate logs for Administrative review and action. Unless the user shares the password with unauthorized personnel, the possibility of users compromising the security of the system becomes difficult and almost impossible. Of course, administrators will have to ensure that the user ids and passwords of employees, who have left the organization, are immediately removed from the system.

The second major impact of the transition to Cloud backup applications will be felt by remote users and mobile workforces. They will suddenly find themselves linked to the parent organization via the Internet. They can access enterprise information using hand held devices or desktops. They can upload information gathered during the course of their business activities and update the parent organization instantly. They will feel as if they have arrived in a new era, where they are just a click away from their headquarters.

Administrators and data managers will have greater control over the Cloud backed up data that they manage. The centralized management console provided by the Cloud backup service will give them the power to identify users, assign them with the rights and privileges as per the organization policy.  They will have the power to track, manage and define the way in which information is accessed, shared, and used by the different stakeholders of the organization. They can schedule backups upfront or initiate continuous backups to ensure that the data remains highly available to the enterprise.  Data in transit and data at rest in storage can be encrypted with a secure key that is defined and maintained by the Administrator or the top management in the organization.  They can rest assured that the Cloud backup service provider is legally bound to provide the organization with scalability on demand, ensure high availability, and enable disaster recovery and business continuity.

HR-Cloudscapes are positive.