The cloud offers resizable compute capacity to enterprises that have or plan to acquire only limited IT infrastructure to support their functional needs. The cloud capacity web-scales makes it easier for IT managers and users to requisition, instantly obtain and seamlessly deploy additional capacities as needs burgeon with minimal friction and absolute control over the resources requisitioned and the data stored in remote servers in the cloud. Cloud infrastructures today support functionality in unprecedented ways.

However, resizable clouds do not emerge fully grown overnight. They are the outcomes of careful planning and deep thinking on the part of cloud vendors and their partners.   While increasing specialization, a need to deliver enterprise specific functionalities enforce narrowing of focus in specific cloud deployments, a number of OEM partnerships are forged to meet the demands of an increasingly vocal set of customers who expect to be serviced with an “on demand”, infinitely scalable infrastructure and absolutely supportive software. The Asigra-Artisan partnership is an instance in point.

Asirga’s cloud computing software system provisions for multi-site and multi-environment backup and recovery technologies and facilitates the backup and recovery of mission-critical enterprise data to offsite locations using agentless, disk-based WAN-optimized architectures. Grid based performance and capacity scaling is used to support unlimited data growth ranging from GBs to TBs. Encryption protocols that harness the power of AES 256 bit encryption with private encryption keys are integrated to ensure absolute security of data on hired offsite infrastructure.

Artisan is a wholesale-only infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider. They offer efficient and flexible NetApp storage services to companies like Asigra, so that the latter’s channel partners can provide scalable cloud infrastructures to their clients. The Artisan Cornerstone is a virtual private data center platform that when integrated with Asigra software becomes a benchmark for performance on NetApp storage. The deployment is made simple as Asigra software templates facilitate the access to the Artisan infrastructure and vast infrastructure resources deployed by Artisan become available to customers who install Asigra.

The Asigra-Artisan partnership helps MSPs and VARs reduce “to market” cycle times and advantage their customers with functionalities and solutions from within unified storage architecture that is—seemingly–infinitely scalable and constantly available on demand.  The single point of access facilitates access and creates an architectural model that “fits-in” with the mood and mode of this new age.