There are hundreds of advertisements out there about lost or misplaced laptops. Most of these pleas sound desperate. They have lost years of research or hundreds of GBs of vital data that can never be retrieved or replaced. If you have never been in such a situation, you can appreciate the horror of losing all your data when you least expect it! One can never be too careful. Regrets and tears could have been saved if the person had just made the effort to backup all the data from the laptop on to a removable media stored securely elsewhere or simply backed up data to a cloud based online backup server over the Internet.

Laptop backup, inevitably never happens. One is too busy traveling or working on the laptop and just cannot find the time to stop and backup all information. This is the case at least in 95% of the cases, where laptops have been lost or misplaced. Remember, while PC security suites will protect your laptop from malware or other Internet based threats, it will be no use to you if your laptop is stolen or lost. You will be at the mercy of the person who has taken your laptop.

The data you have stored in your laptop can be misused and you will have liability to your customers and hours of unproductive work ahead of you while you fulfill legal obligations of writing to your customers apologetically communicating your loss and possible repercussions to them. Apart from loss of customer confidence and a lot of potential business, you can be penalized under the different legal mandates for data breaches and this can cost your company thousands of dollars in law suits. Do not put yourself in that position. Ensure that your laptop is regularly backed up.

Cloud backup services can keep track of your laptop and backup data from anywhere, anytime. You can plug your laptop into the Internet and schedule your backups to automatically happen while you sleep. The data gets encrypted at the point of transmission and gets stored in online repositories in an encrypted format for easy recovery in the event of your laptops being lost or stolen. This may give you the freedom to not carry any data on your laptop.

You could always connect with your online backup server for data access and save all data to your backup repository over the Internet. You could treat your laptop like a thin client! If that is not possible, backup your data into removable disks and encrypt all information stored on your system so that your data is not accessible even if your laptop is lost or stolen.

In short, you need to follow three simple rules:

Secure your laptop. Do not let it out of your sight. Backup your laptop regularly.